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Problems Taking Medicines

Problems taking medicines - this is a good example of a problem within healthcare for which we are happy to provide a solution. In practice, one in three people struggle to swallow their medication. Young and old, ill or healthy, around 5 million Dutch people have difficulty in this context!

Of course, these swallowing problems may be related to having a dry mouth. Often, however, it is just difficult to get the tablet or capsule down. This could be because the medicine is too rough or too large or because you have to take too many in one go. And you may have to do this several times a day!

Undesirable consequences if you have problems taking medicines.

Many people that struggle to take medicines often miss their medication every now and then. Or they open up their capsules or crush their tablets. Usually without telling their doctor or pharmacist. In most cases, this is not a good idea and can sometimes be quite dangerous. People often try to use yoghurt or similar desserts to help swallow their tablets. But not everyone realises that milk products should not be taken with some medication.

A solution if you struggle to take your medicines.

Rushwood is the first company to successfully create a solution to this issue, for everyone from the age of two and for every medicine that has to be swallowed. A practical solution, as simple as it is effective.

The product Gloup® is a patented universal gel that makes solid medicines easier to swallow. The gel is not a remedy in itself, but is very effective in combination with the medicine you are taking!